But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not,
to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19:14

SOP loves our kids!  Age-appropriate programs designed to nurture our children and help them achieve their full potential as followers of Christ define SOP's Children’s Ministry.  
It is divided into two major age-specific categories:  We have our nursery/childcare for children from 6-weeks to 3 years of age.  SOP Kids is our Sunday School and Wednesday night ministry for children ages 4-11.

Our Nursery is a two-fold ministry. Our staff, often themselves fathers and mothers of nursery age children, care for our infants and toddlers during regular service times on Sunday mornings. We feel that we are not only responsible for caring and nurturing for these little ones, but we are also a part of ministering to the parents who are able to participate and enjoy service without the distraction of caring for their young child/children.

We want our SOP KIDS to know God and to grow in God.  SOP KIDS, under the leadership of Sister Angie Castillo, employs a comprehensive program focusing on teaching and reinforcing simple Biblical principles.  Ideas are presented in kid-friendly ways and in a kid-friendly environment.  This combination makes the lessons easy to understand and to remember.  You will be delighted at what transpires when the Word of God is sown into the lives of your SOP Kids. To register your child for SOP Kids, simply bring them to Sunday School or Wednesday night Kid City. An SOP Kids staff member will assist you.

Sunday School classes lead students to Christ, equipping them with knowledge of the Bible so they can live abundant, overcoming lives and become effective witnesses for Christ. Click here for ages and class descriptions.